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"Twelve years ago we asked our Realtor friend, John Harris, if money could be made in buying, remodeling, and  reselling foreclosures.  Since then John has helped us buy and sell 42 homes plus a commercial property and our own home.  We feel John always has our best interest in mind and that he is a true professional and his passion is evident in everything he does."

- Dennis and Kay Rulifson

1.  The team of  Re/Max real estate professionals of John and Jean Harris has my strongest possible recommendation as agents in the in the home location, evaluation, and purchasing process.

2.  During the period that my wife and I, unfamiliar with the Triangle area of North Carolina and living a twelve hour, 700 mile drive away in northwest Florida, were searching for a home to which we would relocate, John and Jean proved themselves a highly competent, dedicated and hard working team of agents.  They provided comprehensive area analysis and made recommendations based upon extended interviews conducted over the phone.  They were extremely conscientious and productive in this regard, enabling us to initiate a purchase after a single visit to the unfamiliar area. 

3.  John Harris, with his extensive experience in finance, home construction and real estate is an outstanding personal agent.  He has strong personal and professional characteristics including the willingness and trustworthiness to assume responsibility for much of the post offer and closing procedures for remote buyers, such as ourselves.  His enthusiasm, background, and straight talk were instrumental in our search and decision making.

 4.  Jean Harris, working primarily in the background, coordinated and updated our busy schedule, often on the fly, and produced and guided us through numerous complex forms while providing liaison with the necessary listing agents and financial and legal organizations.  Her interface, especially with Joan, included area insights from the “feminine perspective” which proved vital in making our ultimate decision.  Providing these services in concert with her husband significantly facilitated the home search and purchase process.

 5.  Their keen intelligence, exacting professional skills and confident leadership throughout the purchase process typify their excellence – exactly the characteristics desired in real estate market.  I firmly believe that they have the dedication, desire and ability to represent their clients in an superior manner.  They are dedicated to the highest quality of customer service and keep abreast of the latest information, techniques, and professional literature.  In all respects, selecting the Harris team is the correct choice for real estate in the Triangle area.


- Dr. Jeff Turner, DDS and Joan Turner

Where can I begin to express my admiration and gratitude for this couple? 

My husband Peter and I were first time homebuyers.  We had known that we wanted to start looking to purchase our first home (after all, the market was ripe with affordable properties and interest rates were the lowest seen in decades), but we were intimidated by the process.  How would we know what to look for?  Sure, we had our wish list, but we wanted to make an investment; we wanted a place to raise our family, to accrue value, and to be members of a safe community.  We were afraid of getting an inexperienced real estate agent who did not have the knowledge and expertise to lead us through this scary process and help us land our first home.

We expressed these concerns to a friend who put us in contact with John and Jean Harris. From the moment we met the Harrises, I knew that God had answered our prayers.  Both John and Jean were encouraging, friendly, and extremely informative throughout the whole process.  My fears of being taken advantage of and lost in the shuffle vanished.  As we walked through different properties, their skilled observations were able to point out different strengths and weaknesses of the homes, many of which we would have overlooked or not even considered without them.   They treated us like family and were quick to respond whenever we saw an interesting property pop up on their custom search for us.

When it came time to closing, John was a supreme negotiator, and the sellers agreed to both our price and conditions as we requested.  Jean patiently and persistently answered our questions and led us through the process of getting our paperwork and other requirements together for our mortgage.  When our loan officer fell behind on her job, Jean picked up the slack and was quick to contact everyone to ensure the mortgage would go through and the contract would still be completed.  Thanks to them, we are now living happily in our first home!

I am so appreciative for the hard work and dedication that John and Jean Harris put out to help my family find and buy our first home.  I most sincerely recommend that you allow John and Jean to serve you in your real estate needs.  They are simply the best!

- Peter and Cassie West

We recently relocated from Northern California to Chapel Hill and were lucky enough to have found John and Jean Harris of the RE/MAX United Triangle Team.

We simply don’t think there is a more efficient pair of real estate professionals in all of the Triangle Area.  Mr. Harris set up multiple web-based searches for us based on complex criteria. It would have been impossible for us to peruse properties remotely without these state-of-the-art search tools.  Mr. Harris’ experience ranged from sound financial advice to detailed expertise relating to the properties’ construction and structural details. Mr. Harris graciously hosted us for several visits at our convenience after we narrowed down our top choices. He objectively and patiently showed us properties and persevered through our questions and changing interests.

 Mrs. Harris ran behind-the-scenes logistics and provided us with detailed closing instructions.  We were not familiar with the North Carolina process so she took care of surveys, appraisals, and attorney appointments on our behalf and even assisted us with utilities and other post-closing items.

 We first visited the Triangle area on Memorial Day weekend and closed on a house in Late August, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. We highly recommend the Triangle Team for top-notch real estate services.  The pace, energy, and experience of this team is unequaled.

- Michael and Sara Conway

Thanks John! What service! John and Jean Harris deliver what they promise!  We would have never purchased the house on Coorsdale or Crigan Bluff if it was not for John and Jean.  John and Jean can help you make money!

- Michael and Aparna Sproelich

John and Jean have done so much for our family. Having them by our side while purchasing or selling our home has made all the difference. They treated us like your own family, and helped us make great decisions in an uncertain market that has helped shape our lives in a positive way. Thank you for your commitment and true excellence.

- David and Brandi Taylor

Thank you so very much for all of the hard work you have done on this property assisting me in the bidding and strategizing process.  It is difficult to maneuver around the thousands of obstacles the govt. puts in our way; they don’t make it easy.  You have gone far past the effort required from even the highest levels of professional requirements and provided extraordinary levels of assistance and made it possible for me to make decisions and submit bids that we can live with. 

I’ve said before, you are the best realtor I’ve ever met and I sincerely wish that I’d met you years ago.  We would have developed a ton of property together. 

- Kelly Barker

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